"One of the most BONKERS comics I have ever read"


"Reads like a future 'Adult Swim' HIT!"

-Whatcha' Reading?

"F'ckin' TOTALLY not what I expected!"

-An Elegant Weapon



"Yuki is pitch perfect, with excellent art, great writing and spot on humor."

- Pandamanga.com

"I am not a fan of the anime style. However, this comic might make me change my mind on the genre." 

- Naked Man Comics

What the hell is Yuki vs. Panda?

Easy big fella... Yuki vs. Panda is an outrageous Comedy / Action graphic-novel series written by Graham Misiurak and beautifully illustrated and colored by A.L. Jones.


The 4th book in the series is releasing soon. Take a look at a promo video.

ACOVER YvP3 (1).jpg
yvp1-cover2-master 2.png

Where the hell can I find out more?

Wow, you are really aggressive... I like it. To find out more and catch up on the story so far, check out the Comixology link.

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